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Introduction to ArcGIS Survey Analyst

Presented by Mike Weir

Intended audience
This seminar is designed for surveyors and GIS technicians who want to take advantage of the new ArcGIS 8.3 technology that allows survey data to be integrated into geodatabases. A basic knowledge of ArcMap is recommended, but not required.

Key points
The presenter will discuss:

  • ArcGIS Survey Analyst functionality
  • where survey data is stored in a geodatabase
  • linking existing data to surveyed points
  • digitizing new features from surveyed points
  • evaluating the accuracy of mapped features

Seminar overview
In this seminar, participants get an overview of Survey Analyst, the new extension that allows survey data to be stored, managed, and displayed in ArcGIS. With Survey Analyst, surveyors and GIS technicians are able to perform survey data computations to determine the map coordinates of survey points; create new features using survey points; edit existing features by linking and snapping them to their corresponding survey points; and evaluate and improve the accuracy of mapped features. This seminar provides the foundation needed to get started using Survey Analyst tools.