RadioShack selects Magellan products as exclusive GPS solution.

Thales Navigation and RadioShack Corporation announced that RadioShack will carry the Magellan line of handheld GPS receivers from Thales Navigation as its exclusive GPS product offering in select stores this holiday season. Specifically, the Magellan SporTrak Map, SporTrak Pro, and Meridian Platinum will be the only GPS solutions offered by RadioShack stores.

The largest specialty retailer in the U.S., RadioShack is currently carrying the three Magellan GPS handhelds. Magellan, the first brand of handheld GPS solutions developed for consumers, offers the superior quality, reliability and proven performance RadioShack customers desire.

By offering a selection of three Magellan handheld GPS receivers, RadioShack retail locations are geared up to meet customer's varying price preferences and navigation needs, from hiking, hunting, fishing and camping, to climbing, biking, off-road driving, skiing, boating and other outdoor land and water activities.

  • SporTrak Map features a 2-MB built-in map database containing major roads, highways, waterways, parks and airports, and 6 MBs of available memory for downloading additional data. Suggested retail price: $199.99.
  • SporTrak Pro offers 32 MB of memory, including a 9-MB database, including a mapping database of North America with interstates, highways, major roads, waterways, city locations, airports, marine navigation aids and more. Users can increase their mapping detail by downloading street-level and topographical maps. Suggested retail price: $269.99.
  • The Meridian Platinum features a 16-MB map database, the only three-axis electronic compass available in a GPS receiver today, a barometer and unprecedented memory expandability through optional industry standard Secure Digital memory cards. Suggested retail price: $349.99.

RadioShack will also feature popular Magellan accessories such as Magellan MapSend software, which provides GPS users with a customized experience through additional mapping data that can be uploaded easily into any of these three GPS receivers. MapSend Streets and Destinations in the United States offers a detailed map of the United States, including over 500,000 points of interest from 35 categories such as Hotels & Lodges, Airports, Shopping Centers, Resorts & Casinos, Campgrounds, Golf Courses, Parks, Gardens and more.

All three GPS receivers provide fast, reliable position fixes as accurate as 3 meters or better, and are lightweight, waterproof and even float. They also feature seven to nine customizable navigation screens and can store up to 500 user locations and 20 routes.