New system to link geospatial data to 19 land offices nationwide.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development county offices have chosen GeoMedia technology as the core software for implementation of the department's META project. Project implementation is a joint venture between Siemens Business Services and graphIT, a Team GeoMedia Registered Solutions Provider, with support from Intergraph Czech Republic for the geospatial component.

The META project, funded by European Commission Phare, is the final phase of the countrywide computerization of the map-based cadastre project, TAKAROS, being implemented by the Ministry. META will deliver a multipurpose electronic archive subsystem and land information management capabilities to each of the 19 Hungarian district and county land offices nationwide, as well as six institutes within the Ministry.

META includes more than 120 seats of GeoMedia Professional and additional licenses of GeoMedia WebMap. Using GeoMedia technology linked to an Oracle 9i database, the Ministry will develop a multipurpose land information system that enables local authorities in different locations to access land office geoinformation data sets quickly and easily. This system will store digital cadastral maps to support national mapping activities as well as land valuation and qualification, and thematic maps to stimulate the land market. In addition, the land information system will create tabular asset data for a land taxation application, which will be available to users via an intranet. The database supports European Union membership by providing land use and land qualification monitoring features.

The main reason the Ministry chose a land information system based on Intergraph's GeoMedia Professional was the product's open environment and unique capabilities to access a variety of data types from multiple sources. GeoMedia supports the Open GIS Geography Markup Language (GML) standard, which will be the basis for the land information system's structure. Hungarian national standards and both European and ISO standards for geographical information will be incorporated as well.

The project aims to raise the national level of IT awareness and GIS application by encouraging technical developments built using new services in the branch. Rich GIS and mapping functionality offered by GeoMedia technology will be used by both public and internal users at district and county land offices.