GeoMedia-based Web map enables students to locate campus buildings, bus stops and more.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Northern Illinois University (NIU) has implemented an interactive Web map that enables users to locate sites and resources on the NIU campus ( An Intergraph Registered Research Laboratory, NIU's Department of Geography Advanced Geospatial Laboratory created the detailed automated campus map using proven GeoMedia technology.

Prior to creating a Web-based system with GeoMedia WebMap Publisher and GeoMedia WebMap Professional, the campus maps were outdated static maps that did not offer the user interactive features such as zoom in, zoom out and scaling abilities. The new Web map displays an overhead view of the university, showing buildings, greenways, sidewalks, street names and other features. Students and staff can now locate specific building sites, safe walking routes and estimated walking distances. The map also has a query bar that enables users to do searches, get help with the Web map and more.

New students can now log onto the website and take a detailed, in-depth look at the campus, which can assist them in making decisions when registering for classes. Students moving on campus can use the Web-based GIS to locate bike racks, emergency call boxes, parking, bus stops/routes, offices and university departments that are within closest proximity to their residence.

The university has future plans to expand the map to include extended bus routes and food establishments that accept NIU credit cards; classroom locations and building floor plans; seating arrangements for NIU's football stadium and convocation center; the best route between two points of interest; and more.

Source: Intergraph, April 5, 2004