Trimble announced version 1.1 of its SCS900 Site Controller System, a field software solution specifically designed for the earthworks contractor doing site measurements, stakeout, monitoring and quantification of earthmoving, grading and surface finishing operations. Version 1.1 is available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, and works with the Trimble ATS and 5600 DR200+ construction total station family as well as the MS750, 5800 and 5700 GPS receivers.

The announcement was made today at the Bauma 2004 International Trade Fair, the world's largest construction equipment exposition.

SCS900 Site Controller System version 1.1 provides for an integrated construction site where positioning systems and grade control systems work together using the same digital 3D design data to provide efficiency gains, improved workflow and integrated data processes. It enables contractors-even those with no experience in surveying, to use GPS or total stations to complete site measurement and staking tasks instead of having to call in surveyors or keep machines standing while waiting on stakeout.

Trimble total stations provide extremely precise position information accurate to ±(3 mm + 2 ppm) ±(0.01 ft + 2 ppm). Direct reflex (DR) allows measurements to be made to previously difficult or impossible to reach locations without the need for a prism. The 5600 DR200+ total station is capable of measuring 200 meters to an 18% reflective (Kodak grey card) object. Combined with the SCS900 System, this allows for the safe and fast measurement of volumes, stock piles and dangerous locations on the construction site.

The Trimble ATS and 5600 total stations are fully upgradable from servo to Autolock to robotic operation. In robotic mode, the need for a person at the instrument is eliminated; the ATS or 5600 locks onto and follows the target either mounted on the SCS900 robotic rover rod or the machine for machine control. The Trimble ATS Total Station is an enhanced total station designed for both high performance automatic machine tracking and construction site measurement and grade checking. The ATS is capable of outputting synchronized positions six times per second.

The SCS900 is a workflow and task-oriented system. Using the SCS900 Site Controller System with either GPS or robotic total stations construction contractors can:

  • Perform site measurement - measure surfaces for volumes, check initial site levels or comparing against as-built levels of finished developments.
  • Check volume - measure and check stockpile volumes and progress volumes on site on a periodic basis.
  • Check grade and material thicknesses - measure surfaces at each stage of the project to ensure grade and materials thickness are within the tolerances required for the project.
  • Stakeout structures and locations - including manholes, boreholes, piles, anchor bolts and structural steelwork.
  • Ensure alignments and lines - including sewers, drainage, roads, parking lots, as well as surfaces for excavating, earthmoving and finishing operations

All data is organized and managed through a site, design and work order structure. Instant in field reports and data analysis can be generated for stockpile and progress volumes, finished surface quality, laid material thickness consistency and stakeout. The SCS900 uses industry standards for data analysis and manipulation tools such as Microsoft Excel for reporting and CAD standards for data manipulation and model viewing.

Trimble's SCS900 Site Controller System version 1.1 is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2003 through Trimble's Geomatics and Engineering Division dealer network.

Source: Trimble, March 29, 2004