New single use license option available to support disconnected editing.

ESRI announced that ArcEditor 8.3, part of the ArcGIS family of products, is now shipping. ArcEditor 8.3 includes full topology and disconnected editing support as well as the ability to edit features in a multiuser geodatabase.

Users of ArcEditor can take full advantage of both the personal and enterprise geodatabase. Working with the geodatabase is what differentiates ArcEditor from ArcView. In ArcView, users have read-only access to special geodatabase features such as geometric networks, relationships, subtypes, and so forth. With ArcEditor, users have write as well as read capabilities to these special geodatabase features.

Key ArcEditor 8.3 Enhancements

  • Full topology support
  • Advanced editing environment to support topological relationships
  • Plan entry tools: traverse, fillet, inverse, and proportion
  • Disconnected editing tools
  • Ability to check in/out data (multiuser geodatabase) for use with ArcPad
  • Complete linear referencing tools to create, edit, display, and analyze linear referencing data (routes and events)

ArcEditor Single Use
Newly available with ArcGIS 8.3 is ArcEditor Single Use. This product is functionally equivalent to the Concurrent Use (floating) version of ArcEditor. The ArcGIS 8.3 release introduces the ability to perform disconnected editing for multiuser geodatabases. This ability enables the checkout of features from a multiuser geodatabase for use in the field or simply disconnected from the network environment.

For more information on ArcEditor 8.3, call 1-800-447-9778 or visit the ESRI Web site at