Delivers the performance of Windows CE at a price comparable to HP 48 data collection.

Tripod Data Systems released the Recon, a rugged handheld computer that delivers the extensive capabilities of the Windows CE operating system at a price comparable to a TDS HP 48 data collection system. Prices for the Recon bundled with TDS surveying software start at $1,799 MSRP. The Recon makes rugged handheld computing more affordable than ever while meeting the same durability standards as the TDS Ranger handheld, including MIL-STD-810F and IP67.

The Recon is available in two models. The Recon 200C features a 200 MHz Intel XScale CPU, 64 MB of RAM and 64 MB of internal nonvolatile Flash storage. The Recon 400C uses a 400 MHz CPU and includes 128 MB of Flash storage. Both Recon models include a color TFT display that is bright and clear in outdoor working conditions.

Two accessible CompactFlash slots allow users to make their data portable, increase memory or add accessories in the future. The Recon also includes a 9-pin serial port, plus a USB port that transfers even large data files in just minutes using standard cables.

“Surveyors who have been using Survey Pro on the HP 48 will be very pleased with all the new capabilities they get with the Recon,” Martin said. “And they get these capabilities for virtually the same price, which makes it a great time to upgrade.”

Weighing just 17 ounces, the Recon features a comfortable shape and an easy-to-grip, soft rubber exterior. But it’s also built tough. TDS subjected the Recon to an intense battery of torture tests, exceeding the MIL-STD-810F standard for ruggedness and IP67 for protection against dust and water. Tests included dropping the Recon onto concrete 38 times from a height of four feet; baking it for seven days straight (168 hours) in a 158 ?F oven; and submerging it in water for one hour.