Will be used by contractor AMEC Civil Engineering for Heathrow Terminal 5 construction project in London.

Leica Geosystems is currently installing an LMGS-S 3D machine control system on a GOMACO 2800 slipform paver, which will be used by contractor AMEC Civil Engineering for the massive Heathrow Terminal 5 construction project, in London, U.K.

LMGS-S is a 3D machine control system that automatically steers the slipformer and adjusts the height profile of the concrete as it is being laid, using orientation data from tilt sensors and positioning data transmitted via radio modem from a pair of Leica TCA1101 plus robotic total stations.

Non-stop real-time machine guidance eliminates the need for staking out control strings, dramatically reducing survey costs and greatly improving site logistics and safety, with concrete supply trucks and personnel able to move unhindered around the paver. The Leica LMGS-S system has been proven in a similar project at Zurich Airport to achieve 20% productivity gains and 50% reduction of survey and setup costs.

Terminal 5 is a new passenger terminal, which is being built to supplement Heathrow’s existing four terminals. The project is expected to take five years, and will involve more than 0.75 million sq. m. of paving area.

Karl Soar, guidance systems engineer with Leica Geosystems, said, “The order for the Heathrow T5 installation is based largely on Leica Geosystems’ outstanding partnership with GOMACO International. LMGS-S machine control systems are now fitted on all GOMACO GHP-2800s sold in the United Kingdom.”

Soar noted that Leica Geosystems and GOMACO have worked closely over several years to develop and implement stringless slipform paving systems, integrating Leica 3D machine guidance technology with GOMACO’s onboard controller area network (CAN) computer.