Leica Geosystems HDS Inc. (formerly Cyra Technologies Inc.) announced CloudWorx 3.0 software. CloudWorx 3.0 brings "large point cloud" capability directly inside compatible CAD applications. CloudWorx 3.0 eliminates the need to first convert the scan data into an intermediate model for direct use in CAD. Two new features in CloudWorx 3.0 enable CAD users to efficiently navigate through large point clouds: "spatial indexing" of point cloud data and the management of multiple "limit boxes" to hide unwanted data.

Also, Leica Geosystems HDS Inc. announced Cyclone 5.1 software for its HDS4500 short-range laser scanner. Cyclone 5.1 directly controls an HDS4500 laser scanner and directly exposes point cloud data from this scanner to Cyclone and CloudWorx software applications. Cyclone can be used to geo-reference, register and process point clouds into deliverables. Cyclone 5.1 is the upgrade path for the company's installed base of Cyclone 4.1 and Cyrax 2500 users for managing very large point cloud data sets (minimum ten-fold increase over Cyclone 4.1). Other new features in Cyclone 5.1 include the ability to re-sample into regular grids (for convenient export to civil CAD applications) and to readily compare as-built topographic surfaces to design surfaces for construction QA or progress monitoring. (Leica Geosystems HDS, San Ramon, Calif.)