Leica Geosystems has introduced a new series of 2D and 3D machine control systems for asphalt pavers and road planers.

The new paving systems, developed jointly by Leica Geosystems and Mobamatic, have been extensively field tested in Germany, and are now being introduced to the North American market.

The system's digital controller is based on industry-standard CAN-bus technology and is adaptable to virtually any machine's hydraulics. A variety of sensor systems are available for specific applications, including ultra sonic, stringline and slope sensors, as well as high-precision laser receivers.

The basic 2D system can be upgraded to a stringless 3D system for large paving projects where the highest degree of accuracy is required. The 3D system is ideal for projects with complex designs using undulations, super elevations and curves, or for frequently changing slopes.

The system's optional Big Ski Solution for joint matching applications utilizes three sonic skis mounted on a metal beam 30 feet long. Each ski has six transducers, five for reading the ground or stringline and one for temperature compensation, eliminating the need for a hanging bail. This gives the most accurate non-contact sensing reading and the highest degree for the coefficient of ride ability in the paving industry.

The Leica Asphalt Paving Systems are designed to be easy to use with a simple and intuitive operator interface, and can be easily installed and calibrated for the specific paving machine. The strong ergonomic, metal-based construction makes it a rugged, reliable solution for the paving industry.

Source: Leica Geosystems, July 9, 2004