The new model 160-horsepower John Deere 624J Waste Handler provides a full complement of features to protect the machine from the harsh environment typical of handling solid waste.

Airborne debris, common to the waste handling application, causes overheating and extensive radiator damage--the 624J is designed to withstand this hazard. This model features Deere's standard exclusive Quad-Cool system, in which the coolers are arranged side-by-side rather than stacked to allow easy cleaning access to both sides of each cooler. A hydraulically driven swing-out fan conserves fuel by adjusting its speed to the system's cooling needs. The cooling package is isolated from the engine compartment, which helps minimize the preheating of incoming air.

The loader is protected by extensive guarding, preventing debris from building up around the frame and axles. Self-cleaning guards on the boom lift cylinders allow the boom to eject debris each time it is raised. A rear tire deflector--found only on Deere waste handlers--serves as an access step to the engine while also ensuring any rear impact is absorbed by the frame, rather than damaging the axle. The 624J waste handler can handle up to a six cubic yard waste bucket. Powered by an electronically controlled, 160-horsepower John Deere PowerTech(R) 6068H engine, the 624J standard waste package includes guarding for axle seals, loader frame access, bucket and boom cylinders/hydraulic lines. There are guards for the articulation joint, drive shaft, sensors and zerks, as well as frontal cab window guards. Extreme service cab steps mounted close to the engine frame are flexible to withstand impact and return to their original location and shape. The package also includes a lockable master disconnect switch in the cab floor and a strobe light.

The loader transmission is a single-stage torque converter power shift, computer-controlled for smooth shifts under any power conditions. Planetary final drives and self-adjusting wet-disc brakes are mounted inboard for longer service life.

The cab is built for comfort and convenience, with a cloth covered suspension seat, adjustable right armrest, standard fingertip controls and oversized windows for excellent visibility.

Source: John Deere, July 1, 2004