The new fork features a significantly boosted load carrying capacity of 6,000 total pounds.

A new heavy-duty pallet fork for Deere's skid steer line features a significantly boosted load carrying capacity--from 3,500 total pounds in the standard fork to 6,000 total pounds for the new fork.

The new fork, which is part of Deere's Worksite Pro line of attachments, is available in rail style with 48-inch long tines. Rail style pallet forks are held in a rigid position for maximum durability, a necessity when working with extremely heavy loads. Sixty-inch wide carriage allows plenty of room for large pallets or bundles of material.

Like the standard Deere pallet forks, this attachment provides unrestricted visibility to the fork tips, Quik-Tatch mounting, and steps for easy entry and exit of the machine.

Versatility is a key strength of Deere's skid steers, delivered by the company's exclusive line of Worksite Pro attachments. Nearly 100 attachments in the line take these machines from local landscaping to farm field to construction jobsite with ease. Deere's exclusive self-cleaning attachment system, Quik-Tatch, now is available in a hydraulic version, allowing the operator to change attachments quickly without leaving the seat.

Source: John Deere, June 9, 2004