PCI Geomatics announced that the company's new PIX Raster Plug-in for ArcGIS is now available for customers seeking to read PCI Geomatics' PIX raster files into ESRI's ArcGIS software. The PIX Plug-in for ArcGIS may be downloaded at no cost from the PCI Geomatics website, and installs easily on any Windows platform.

Users who work with both Geomatica and ArcGIS software will enjoy new levels of data sharing between their software systems. Geomatica's Generic Database (GDB) technology already supports reading and writing of several ArcGIS file formats, and by using the new PIX Raster Plug-in, ArcGIS users can now read PIX raster files directly.

Once installed, the PIX Raster Plug-in for ArcGIS operates transparently in the ArcGIS environment, allowing users to access georeferenced PIX file images at different bit depths and resolutions. ArcGIS users can also take advantage of PCI Geomatics' Pseudo-Colour Tables and bitmap (1-bit raster) channels.

Source: PCI Geomatics, Feb., 23, 2004