This is a new electronic book for users wondering about upgrading AutoCAD 2005.

upFront.eZine Publishing Ltd. announced What's New? AutoCAD 2005, the new electronic book for users wondering about upgrading and competitors worrying about AutoCAD 2005. The 66-page e-book is published exclusively in Adobe Acrobat format.

This pre-release e-book details changes in Autodesk's latest release of its AutoCAD flagship software. What's New? AutoCAD 2005 covers these aspects of the new release:

  • Executive overview, plus Autodesk's roadmap of future releases.
  • 21 new commands and 23 new system variables.
  • Changes to 31 existing commands.
  • Undocumented system variables.
  • Changes to APIs (applications programming interfaces).
  • New startup switches, shortcut keystrokes, and file types.
  • Appendices of commands and system variables.
  • Accurate to Neo beta 4.

The What's New? AutoCAD 2005 e-book is available now as an Adobe Acrobat file for delivery via email, ftp, or Web browser. The e-book is also available on CD.

Source: upFront.eZine Publishing Ltd., Feb. 17, 2004