Agreement pertains to sale and service of Leica Geosystems' GPS/GIS and GPS Reference Station products in Virginia.

Leica Geosystems and Loyola Enterprises announced a distribution agreement for the sale and service of Leica Geosystems' GPS/GIS and GPS Reference Station products in Virginia.

Robby Dudley, Leica Geosystems' vice president sales, southeast, said, "Loyola has the proven technology, expertise, manpower and service capabilities essential for achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, a goal our companies share. I'm convinced that the people at Loyola are well positioned to meet and exceed the expectations of our GPS/GIS customers in Virginia."

Benito Loyola, president, stated, "Our alliance with Leica Geosystems significantly enhances the depth and diversity of our current product and technology offerings and represents an exceptional fit with regard to Loyola's future business strategies. Our planned expansion of our GPS/GIS and Reference Station markets is just one example of how our companies can work together to provide a quality service where current alternatives are limited or too expensive."

Loyola Enterprises has established a new Precision Spatial Systems Division, headed by former Leica Geosystems sales representative Brian Daniel, to serve the growing GPS/GIS market. Daniel said, "The combination of Leica's industry-leading technology, combined with the advanced technical capabilities and overall vision of Loyola Enterprises, will enable us to provide professional products, services and solutions to a wide array of geospatial data users."

Daniel said that Loyola will also provide a broad range of services that will complement the Leica GPS/GIS product line including GPS to GIS data processing, aerial and satellite image processing, and will offer technical and programming services to design, install, operate and manage web-based GIS.

Loyola has plans to develop a dedicated web page with a shopping cart where customers can easily select and purchase Leica Geosystems' products, according to Daniel.