Tour will visit various cities around the world.

Bentley invites you to experience how its promise of the V8 Generation. See its Create, Manage, Publish vision in action - with a single, comprehensive content creation platform that has capabilities unique to the V8 Generation and Bentley: a unified content management and publishing Environment, discipline specific applications and focused industry solutions.

The heart of each World Tour event is what we call "A Day in the Life of the Project Design Team". It's a vision in action.

  • Change management
  • Digital signatures
  • Digital rights
  • Advanced 3D modeling
  • Workgroup productivity
  • Workspace management
  • Distributed architecture
  • Production plotting
  • Electronic storage
  • Mobile computing
  • Web viewing

Hear from Bentley executives. Find out more about expanded client licensing options and flexible pricing. And see for yourself the technology that is creating a real buzz.

EVERY member of the V8 Generation World Tour audience receives one FREE copy of Bentley Redline, with Bentley SELECT (A $295+ value)

And each attendee will have a chance to win*:

  • 1 copy of Adobe® Acrobat® 5.0
  • 1 copy of Microsoft Project 2002
  • 1 Matrox 75 Parhelia 128MB graphics card.

*Terms and conditions can be found on,1rca,9os,ladn,b1h4,jjme,7w6n

FREE tickets now available at (,1rca,9os,hd5v,lsca,jjme,7w6n )