New version 5.1 includes batch plotting, advanced data capture and maintenance, and Tablet PC support.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced Version 5.1 of the GeoMedia product suite, the latest release of desktop and Web mapping visualization and analysis solutions for the enterprise. Version 5.1 further extends GeoMedia's powerful technology to manage and distribute geospatial and business information throughout the enterprise.

GeoMedia Version 5.1 speeds the collection, manipulation, and presentation of geospatial data, resulting in time savings for professionals performing common maintenance and editing operations for generating paper and digital maps, the most popular methods of displaying geospatial data. New, improved functionality will increase productivity and usability in land information management, geospatial resource management, geospatial data management and cartography, and geospatial intelligence applications.

The enhanced GeoMedia suite of products for the desktop and the Web will be available during the first half of 2003. Intergraph is now shipping version 5.1 of GeoMedia and GeoMedia Professional.

Innovative functionality to access, integrate, and analyze geospatial data GeoMedia 5.1 represents the accumulation of the industry's best tools, specifically designed to facilitate the use of valuable spatial data throughout the enterprise. Key functionality enhanced in the GeoMedia product suite includes:

  • Capture and editing functionality optimized for geospatial data collection and maintenance - GeoMedia Professional boosts user productivity with new CAD-like data capture and editing commands, such as place circle using arcs, extend two lines to intersection, and snap to intersection. Professionals placing new features, constructing parcels in subdivision, editing road intersections, or performing other daily maintenance tasks realize significant time savings utilizing new interactive placement and editing tools with fewer operator actions. With this new, robust set of features optimized for the clean and quick capture and maintenance of geospatial data, GeoMedia now incorporates a complete set of productivity tools.
  • Batch plotting and interactive map composition capabilities within the GeoMedia environment - Version 5.1 includes new SmartPlot utilities to interactively compose maps using common layout sheets, templates, and legends or automatically batch process multiple layout sheets from multiple GeoWorkspaces. Professionals producing map books or managing the constant revision of parcels and subdivisions can plot or print updated multiple and single maps with ease. To make map composition easier and more powerful, an enhanced interface adds new functionality, including adjusting map information in a layout window map frame, exporting layouts to raster files at user-specified resolution, and APIs for creating legends or performing view manipulations.
  • Map presentation and viewing features for enterprise consistency - Capabilities have been added in version 5.1 to allow organizations to define enterprise-wide style guides for the consistent use of style - including color, patterns, and line weights - when displaying features, such as interstate, rivers, and area boundaries. This eliminates the need for users throughout the organization to recreate the corporate style as they work in their individual workspaces. Additional map presentation improvements include utilities within the layout window for creating and saving graphics of custom symbols and dialog boxes that adjust the line thickness or point size and ramp colors for thematic map displays.
  • Variety of functional attribute updates contribute to unique dynamic analysis capabilities - A number of new functional attributes, that dynamically calculate attribute values using expressions, further improve the rendering and display of output for plotting and presentation. For example, a new command to generate DOTdensity allows graduated placement of some distributed phenomenon via dots, allowing better representation of population clusters. Additional functional attributes have been added for the more precise display of features, such as boundaries for regions such as states or counties, and basin area for river or mountain ranges. GeoMedia is uniquely suited for what-if analyses on the desktop or via the Web. If a user changes the source data or the parameters of a query, the query results automatically reflect the changes.
  • Tablet PC support extends input options - Version 5.1 is fully compatible with Microsoft's new Tablet PC operating system. GeoMedia products take advantage of the Tablet PC's pen-based computing, digital ink technology, and speech recognition to extend data capture and editing options to the industry's latest mobile platform.
  • Oracle view support expands interoperability between data sources - GeoMedia Professional version 5.1 extends functionality for the Oracle Object Model data server to handle read/write access to most types of views beyond previous support of simple views. This further reduces the time it takes to access data and analyze spatial information, improving data sharing across multiple data sources without requiring translation.