Technology chosen to meet government targets for 2005.

London Borough of Enfield takes on Radius Topology to meet government targets for 2005.

The London Borough of Enfield (LBE) has chosen Radius Topology for the task of re-engineering its key corporate geographic dataset, the Basic Land and Property Unit (BLPU). This is key to ensuring that the authority is ready to meet the government's 2005 e-objectives*. It will also make a strong contribution to supporting "joined up government" by improving key data used as a basis for information sharing within the Council, with citizens and with the Council's partners.

Mick Wooden, Chief Information Officer at LBE says:

"In order to meet government electronic service delivery targets Enfield, like all Councils, needs to pay close attention to the quality of its data. This is especially true of spatial data, which accounts for 80% of all data.

Spatial data collected over a long period by many different services and through different software is not "fit for purpose" to meet future requirements.

After research of the market, the only tool which we found capable of ensuring data quality standards was the Laser-Scan Radius product"

It was originally estimated that the project would take one person five years to complete. By working with Radius Topology, LBE expects 100% clean and structured data in little more than five weeks.

Radius Topology is a dynamic topology management layer stored in Oracle9i, creating a server-side topological solution for handling the structure of spatial information. This means that Radius Topology acts as a "gatekeeper", only allowing clean, accurate data into the database. Inconsistent data is automatically corrected, within the bounds of user-defined rules.

LBE is working closely with Laser-Scan's team of experts to achieve its targets. By combining Radius Topology with Laser-Scan's extensive experience, the re-engineering process is largely automatic. The process will be finalised at LBE where Radius Topology will be used interactively to ensure that the clean data is successfully integrated back into the corporate repository.

*All government services must be available electronically by 2005