New GPS-ready PDAs for professional and outdoor recreational enthusiasts.

Maptech introduces two new ways to have high quality topographic maps and nautical charts in GPS ready PDAs for professional and outdoor recreational enthusiasts. GPS receivers are great tools for street directions and noting location. But once you go off-road, into the woods or on the water, the GPS maps do not show the features that you really need, like the lay of the land or depth of the water in a realistic way. The Maptech solution combines Pocket PCs and Palms powered with a clip-on GPS to display Maptech¿s USGS topographic maps and NOAA nautical charts. To do this Maptech developed two new products, Pocket Navigator and Outdoor Navigator. The Maptech solution brings a new level of mapping and GPS technology to a wide spectrum of map users like land surveyors, utility workers, real estate professionals, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, foresters; as well as hikers, hunters, boaters, fishermen, and outdoor adventurers.

Making GPS better: Outdoor Navigator and Pocket Navigator from Maptech

Outdoor Navigator - Details - See tour at Outdoor Navigator works much like a magazine subscription but in this case you gain Internet access to the Maptech collection of over 62,000 USGS topo maps and NOAA nautical charts. Users log on to Maptech¿s to register and access the maps. Users pick the maps they want, when they want them. The data is downloaded to their computer and automatically transferred to the Palm using HotSyn Manager. Users can hook a clip-on GPS to the Palm. The clip-on GPS is $300 and includes 1-year subscription to Outdoor Navigator. Works with Palm m130, m505, m515 and the Tungsten; running OS 4 or later with expansion slot. Outdoor Navigator is $100 for the first year subscription; second year is $30. Users can keep any maps they download during the subscription period. Free 30 days trial subscription available at Compare maps and charts on standard GPS with Outdoor Navigator at

Pocket Navigator - Details - See tour at Works with Maptech CD-ROMs: Terrain Navigator (topo maps) or Digital ChartKit (nautical charts). Terrain Navigator has USGS topo maps and retails for $100 per state or region. Digital ChartKit has NOAA charts covering the entire US coastline and retails for under $200 per Region. Both include powerful PC desktop mapping and navigation software. Users transfer the maps or charts from their desktop computer to a Pocket PC. Users hook a GPS attachment to their Pocket PC. GPS sleeves and CF-GPS cards are available from Maptech for $350 (includes Pocket Navigator software). Users can elect to hook their existing handheld GPS receiver via a cable to the Pocket PC. Pocket Navigator software lets you transfer topos and charts to the Pocket PC and retails for $100. Popular Pocket PCs are the Compaq iPAQ and the Dell Axim-(sold separately-$200 to $300 and up). Compare maps and charts on standard GPS with Pocket Navigator at