A new title from ESRI press.

Marine Geography: GIS for the Oceans and Seas, a new book from ESRI Press, is a valuable resource for scientists, ecologists, researchers, and others interested in the development of advanced technology in the marine world. The book, edited by Joe Breman, is a compilation of case studies submitted by researchers and experts who represent different sectors of the global marine geographic information system (GIS) community.

The coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Northeast Pacific Oceans are faced with continual population increase, which greatly affects the marine life in these areas. GIS technology provides advanced applications and tools that prompt the ecological sciences toward more effective conservation. GIS integrates data from different studies, creating the necessary platform for the development of a marine data model that provides a tool for harnessing and managing dynamic marine data.

Marine Geography: GIS for the Oceans and Seas documents the cutting edge of progress for marine researchers and professionals throughout the world. GIS meets the demand for organized storage and analysis of marine data for scientists and researchers sharing common goals. The many different dimensions of marine study include bathymetric representations, patterns in current and temperature regimes, the satellite tracking of marine species, and the location of coral reef ecosystems. Using GIS, these marine practitioners achieve their goals in new and progressive ways.

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