Sokkia offered a new antenna for the Axis3 L1 DGPS system. The new model replaces the existing one and is included with each new purchase of the complete Axis3 system. The new antenna is lightweight (1.1 lbs) and features a bold, rugged design, standard 1-14-UNS mounting thread for convenient installation, a wide range of input voltages and a shock-resistant exterior bumper. It is compatible with Beacon, WAAS and Omni-STAR corrections.

Also, Sokkia released SDR Level 5 v5.52 software. The new version features support for Two Technologies Inc.'s JETT"¢ce, EGNOS data format support, additional language support for Latvian, Polish, Russian, Croatian, Estonian, Macedonian and Greek, support for SET3110MC and SET4110MC-Remotocatcher, enhanced graphic displays and enhanced GPS status screens for WAAS and HP data formats. Built on knowledge from surveyors and previous generations of SDR electronic field books, the SDR Level 5 CE workflow is assembled to follow a logical field collection process. Provided in one single package, SDR's full functionality has the capability to increase productivity by offering topographic surveying, stakeout, roading and coordinate geometry (COGO). (Sokkia, Olathe, Kan.)