While the holidays are known as the season of giving, Clary and Associates Inc., professional surveyors and mappers, supports and benefits Pine Castle all year long. Pine Castle offers education and training programs as well as residential services daily to over 400 adults with developmental disabilities in the Jacksonville area.

Clary’s spirit of giving to Pine Castle started shortly after Greg Clary founded Clary and Associates 20 years ago. The company purchases wooden survey stakes from Pine Castle, one of the products produced by the organization. Clary uses the stakes in all grade staking and construction layout as location markers.

Pine Castle is the largest producer of wooden survey stakes in Northeast Florida. Clary buys all of their stakes from Pine Castle, spending about $500 on stakes every month.

The stakes can also be used to assist in planting and gardening. In addition, Pine Castle produces surge protectors and performs other clerical and production work for a variety of businesses throughout the Jacksonville area.

Pine Castle relies on donations as well as volunteers to implement its special events, programs and other activities. Clary and Associates supports several Pine Castle events such as the BBQ and Ability Celebration, the Independence Golf Classic and the Castle of Dreams Gala. Clary’s Sue Scull and Shari Schurr volunteered at Pine Castle’s annual holiday party in December. The company also purchased Christmas gifts for several Pine Castle residents.