New version of 3Dipsos 2.5 soon available on the market.

MENSI announced a new release of 3Dipsos. The first version of this software was released in 1999. 3Dipsos is used to reconstruct 3D models from large sets of point cloud data captured by a 3D laser scanner such as the MENSI S10, S25 or GS100. It is part of MENSI's world-leading solution for as-built data capture and reverse engineering of large industrial sites including process, power and oil and gas related plants. But the software can also be used to construct triangulated meshes directly from point clouds, in order to model non-geometric shapes such as statues, "bas-relief," historical monuments, natural scenes or other irregular-shaped objects. The uses for this software include maintenance, revamping, retrofit, animation, designing, entertainment, games development, stereolithography, virtual reality, forensics and accident reconstruction. The latest version of the software is 3Dipsos 2.5, As-built plant dedicated, it offers different new solutions:
  • Significantly faster as-built 3D modelling: 3Dipsos 2.5 integrates powerful recognition capabilities that easily and intelligently extract the elements of plant from scanned data. Entire pipelines (including reducers, bends, tees, flanges, valves…) can be automatically extracted, directly fitted with the parameters of the specification catalog imported from user's plant design software. These smart tools have also been implemented for steelworks modeling, enabling complete transfer of intelligent models into plant design software. For concurrent engineering projects, where several teams are working together or on shift on a project, 3Dipsos 2.5 supports multiple user projects, with new reporting functions available for review at any time.
  • Interference-free engineering: Obtaining quality as-built data of a plant is the guarantee for an engineering department to successfully implement the new design (revamp/modification) fit on the first try. This will dramatically reduce reworks on site during the construction phase of a project, because the data on which the new design is based constitutes the real scene. Moreover, the downtimes of the facility will be much shorter, saving many days or even weeks on the project. Plant production will only be down for the minimum possible time, enabling a project to respect short deadlines.
  • Direct native export in plant design software: Both PDS and PDMS catalogs are fully managed in 3Dipsos 2.5. During the modeling phase, 3Dipsos 2.5 smartly suggest all plant design software elements available for the current nominal diameter. Rules of creation of a model (issued from the user plant design software) are strictly applied, avoiding conflicting combination of elements. Once created in 3Dipsos 2.5, the export of the model to plant design software is only a "press button" function.
  • High fidelity as-built archiving: 3Dipsos 2.5 is the ideal program for high fidelity archiving of plant data: 3D measured data (from any source: 3D scanners, classical survey, even manually surveyed data), 3D model extracted from the data, and also full real picture database. Pictures taken from any camera can be imported and 3D-related to the 3D model/data using 3Dipsos' camera matching tools. The same specific area of a plant can be reviewed in several ways: real picture, 3D measured data, 3D modeled data or a combination thereof. Note that if 3Dipsos 2.5 processes data captured by one of the MENSI data acquisition systems, real pictures are automatically incorporated into the database.