The ASPRS LiDAR committee announced it has set-up an online bulletin board for discussion and feedback about its efforts and activities. The goal is to create an online community of LiDAR enthusiasts and encourage participation in the committee’s activities which include establishing professional practices and guidelines covering the proper planning, implementation, data processing and QA/QC of LiDAR data products in mapping projects as well as establishing a common data exchange format for LiDAR data. Discussions about other LiDAR-related topics are also encouraged on the bulletin board. The ASPRS LiDAR committee is a volunteer group focused on professionalizing the practice of laser altimetry, more generally referred to in the commercial sector as LiDAR mapping. Since 1995 the rapid development of an expanding base of airborne LiDAR data providers in the private sector has made this technology more accessible and affordable for mapping professionals. More and more ASPRS members are working with or being exposed to LiDAR technology and are turning to ASPRS for information, guidance and education. The bulletin board is currently hosted at:

Further information about the ASPRS LiDAR committee and its activities can also be found at: