Bentley Systems Incorporated announced that the City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is managing its water distribution network with SCADAConnect, from Bentley's Haestad Methods product line.

SCADAConnect automates real-time and historical data exchange between the city's hydraulic model and its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Municipal engineers and modelers get fast access to the data they need to more effectively monitor their water and wastewater network's daily performance.

Prior to using SCADAConnect, direct access to the city's SCADA data was limited - requiring a time-consuming, potentially error-prone manual transfer of data between departments. With SCADAConnect, the data query and transfer process has been reduced to a single mouse click.

SCADAConnect works with most major commercial SCADA systems and can be fully customized to meet the requirements of individual users.

Source: Bentley, Dec. 20, 2004