Product boasts "Best Performance in Labor Saving/Labor Reducing Potential" achievement.

NavCom Technology Inc.’s new Safari Network SR-7100 Mark II was awarded COMNET Expo’s New Product Achievement Award for “Best Performance in Labor Saving/Labor Reducing Potential” at the 2003 COMNET Expo in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, January 28.

The Safari Network SR-7100 is a mobile data communications network that extends the functionality of the wired local area network (LAN) into vehicles or remote sites. Safari Network provides secure high-speed Packet, Serial and IP services for simultaneous data, voice and video communication in the license-free ISM band. Each “cell site” offers up to a 20-mile radius of coverage with unlimited extension capability to overcome signal blockage or to create a seamless multi-cell network. With proprietary modulation scheme and single-point Network management, the Safari Network is a private and completely secure network for mobile applications. Typical applications of the SR-7100 include machine control, automatic vehicle location, security surveillance, campus and municipality WLAN, military data transfer and public safety services.

The 12th annual COMNET New Product Achievement Awards recognizes the best new products making their public debut at COMNET 2003. It is one of the most visible and successful New Product Programs in the industry. COMNET Conference & Expo, produced by IDG World Expo, is a catalyst for buyers and sellers in the communications networking industry to connect with the newest technologies and meet the experts driving the industry to a prosperous future. COMNET empowers network executives, service providers, carriers, suppliers/resellers and government agencies to make informed technology decisions for their network infrastructure at the beginning of each year. COMNET 2003 is a prime opportunity to learn from successful implementations of new technologies, with a special focus on security, web services, storage and wireless infrastructure. For more information, please visit