Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. Introduced HiPer-GGD

Topcon Positioning Systems Inc. introducedHiPer-GGD, the first fully integrated GPS receiver and antenna featuring Topcon’s GPS+ability, which allows dual-constellation satellite tracking—GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS. Combined with an optional internal RTK communication system and external field computer, the RTK rover system fits to the top of the pole, eliminating cabling and backpack requirements. Other features include an optional internal UHF (PDL) modem or internal GSM modem; support for an external CDPD or GSM cellular modem; and a four-light interface that displays satellite tracking status, battery strength, radio and recording mode. The HiPer-GGD can store up to 96 MB of data. The user can choose from several optional RTK data update rates up to 20Hz. (Topcon, Pleasanton, Calif.)