NovaLIS Technologies welcomed Group 1 to its Business Partner Program.

To date, NovaLIS has integrated a component of Group 1's software with its land records management products. This integration enables NovaLIS customers to enter a Zip Code, and have the City and State information automatically populate. Upon saving the account record, the full mailing address is verified against the United States Postal Service (USPS) database provided by CODE-1 Plus. System administrators have the option to allow an invalid address to be saved with warning or have the system force the end user to fix the address prior to being saved.

The next step in integrating NovaLIS and Group 1 technology will include sorting mail in the proper order and providing certification for the USPS mailing discount. This will enable NovaLIS customers to qualify for postal discounts, which could save them thousands of dollars annually. Future integration will leverage more of the Group 1 product base to provide every level of government utilizing the NovaLIS product suite with added features such as early warning of address changes, new addresses for approved subdivisions, and tax district identification.

Source: NovaLIS Technologies, Oct. 15, 2004