Software by D'Zign has announced the release of its Surveying Pac for the new hp49g+ calculator, with shipping beginning the first week of October. A third product, the Transportation Pac, will begin shipping the first week of November, with a complete Data-collection Pac scheduled for release by the first of the year. D'Zign has currently been marketing their Student Pac since September.

The HP49g+ calculator, released by Hewlett-Packard earlier this year to replace the now outmoded HP48GX, runs on a 75Mhz ARM9 CPU at approximately 15 times the speed of the 48 model. Other features include a bigger, easier to read variable line display, both a CAS algebraic system and RPN, 512KB RAM and 800KB flash ROM memory coupled with an essentially endless expansion memory.

In addition to doing surveying calculations faster in either the field or office, the calculator includes IrDA (infrared) printout to the existing HP printers users probably already own and has USB connectivity to the PC for drop-and-drag file transfer at the amazing baud rate of 152,000KB instead of being limited to slow Kermit transfers at 9600 baud rate.

Using standard Secure Digital or Multi-media camera type cards, the user can add up to 1 GB of memory at a time, with larger cards becoming available as they are developed. D'Zign's software products are sold on 32MB cards with 30MB of that available for the user, but may be removed after the software has been installed allowing the user to increase the expansion memory to suit his or her needs.

For further information contact Phyllis Kerber, Software by D'Zign, at 559.297.8025.

Source: Software by D'Zign, Oct. 2, 2004