New location-centric product includes real-time interface for corporate information systems.

Maporama, the leading provider of location-centric applications, announced the availability of Maporama Search Deluxe, a new product that allows the user to pinpoint a selection of addresses on a single map. Maporama Search Deluxe means Maporama's customers can access a simple and powerful tool to highlight pre-defined addresses from the Maporama Partner Base. Maporama Search Deluxe is extremely useful for companies in the retail and services industries who want a real-time interface between their information system and Maporama's location-centric search engine. Maporama Search Deluxe means a distribution company can provide its customers with a map showing not only the vendor outlets for a particular product, but also product availability at various outlets.

Used as part of Maporama Enterprise Solutions and in conjunction with CRM, ERP, and SFA systems, Maporama Search Deluxe is an invaluable tool for companies in their internal processes such as sales sector attribution or delivery dispatch. When used on the web, for a network of sales outlets, hotels, car rental agencies etc., Maporama Search Deluxe is a powerful real-time location-centric tool driving customers to stores and accelerating company's sales cycles. For example, after a query launched by a visitor to a Search Deluxe-enhanced website, a real-time stock management or booking system searches all sales outlets able to provide the desired product or service. The system then transfers the information to Maporama Search Deluxe, which provides a map displaying all addresses found, accompanied by other relevant information: street address, telephone number, opening hours, and/or any other information contained in the company's Maporama Partner Base.

The scale of the maps provided by Maporama Search Deluxe is automatically adjusted in order to display all addresses found. Users benefit from all advanced functionalities offered by other Maporama products: 12 zoom levels, map scrolling, high-quality anti-aliased display, display of points of interest, street names, one-way streets, subway stations, user interface available in 26 languages, customisation of map size and colour.

Maporama Search Deluxe is also extremely easy to interface with all Maporama products, for example Maporama Search Around (proximity-based search), and is available on all platforms supported by Maporama (Internet, I-Mode and WAP phones; PDAs, Tablet PC,¿).

Available immediately, Maporama Search Deluxe accesses all data contained in the Maporama Unified Database, thereby offering the possibility to localize addresses in thousands of cities in over 45 countries across all continents, even down to street level.