Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced that it will provide a complimentary copy of its TDS COGO for Pocket PC surveying software--a $99 value--through the TDS website.

TDS COGO, originally introduced in 1992 for use on HP 48GX surveying calculators, provides a complete range of coordinate geometry tools to allow surveyors to perform calculations for any layout. In 2002, the company introduced TDS COGO for Pocket PC, expanding its compatibility to Pocket PC-based data collectors.

The free TDS COGO program and accompanying manuals will be distributed via the TDS website only. To download the software, surveyors simply provide some basic information. Surveyors who have already registered on the TDS website may be asked to provide additional information to receive the free software. TDS will also continue to offer the software on a CompactFlash card for $99.

Source: TDS, Oct. 12, 2004