Avenza Systems Inc., producer of MAPublisher cartographic software, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2004 MAPublisher Map Awards--a competition that showcases the quality and diversity of maps that can be produced with MAPublisher and recognizes and rewards their excellence.

Over 75 individual submissions were received this year including a great many from overseas including some from Iran, Australia and Honduras. The Australian entries proved to be an excellent contingent and won a number of awards this year. The introduction of the new Map Collection category for atlases and maps with a common theme proved to be very exciting and extremely difficult to judge.

A copy of all winning maps and notable entrants for this year's competition will be forwarded to The Map Division of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC to be added to the MAPublisher collection established in 2003.

Summary of category winners

2004 Best Map Overall - Craig Molyneux, Meridian Productions for "˜Australia Wall Map.'

2004 Best Special Purpose Map - Will Pringle, Australian Geographic for "˜Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.'

2004 Best Geologic Map - Greg Massaro, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Division of Waters for "˜2004 Pine County Geologic Atlas, Part B Plate 8: Hydrogeology of the Unconsolidated and Bedrock Aquifers.'

2004 Best Topographic Map (tie) - Gianni Belfiore, Hapax Pubblicita (Mappemondo) for "˜Espace Grand Paradis' and Craig Molyneux, Meridian Productions for "˜The Otways 4WD Map.'

2004 Best General Purpose Map - Craig Molyneux, Meridian Productions for "˜Australia Wall Map.'

2004 Best Thematic Map - Karen Penzes, Weldon Owen Publishing for "˜World Natural Resources.'

2004 Best Transportation Map - Hans Krenn, DUPLEX DESIGN GmbH for "˜Swiss Public Transport.'

2004 Best Map Collection - Karen Penzes, Weldon Own Publishing for "˜Illustrated World Atlas (International Edition).'

10 additional submissions received Notable Entry status.

Details of each map, the associated images and the notable entries can be found on the Avenza website.

Source: Avenza, Oct. 19, 2004