ArcView 8.3 Now Available

ESRI announced that ArcView 8.3 is now available. ArcView 8.3 includes new features, new extensions, and enhancements in overall performance, quality, and documentation. New editing, analysis, and cartography tools round out the release as well as an updated ESRI Data & Maps 2003.

New Editing and Analysis Tools

  • Improved annotation
  • Map topology (shared editing)
  • Snap indicator and snap tips
  • Sticky move tolerance
  • New midpoint, endpoint arc, directiondistance, and tangent curve tools

Integration With ArcPad
ArcPad integration tools for ArcView 8.3 extract and convert data from a personal geodatabase into a shapefile that can then be edited in ArcPad. Edits to attributes and/or shapes can be integrated back into the personal geodatabase once the data is checked in.

New Extensions for ArcView 8.3
Three new optional ArcGIS Desktop extensions are available for ArcView 8.3: ArcGIS Survey Analyst, ArcScan for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Tracking Analyst. ArcGIS Survey Analyst lets users manage survey data in a GIS database and represent survey measurements and observations on a map. ArcScan for ArcGIS allows users to build vector databases using scanned raster imagery as input. ArcGIS Tracking Analyst provides capabilities for sophisticated visualization and analysis of time-related data.

Updated ESRI Data & Maps 2003 CDs and DVDs
The ESRI Data & Maps set has been updated for 2003 and coincides with the ArcView 8.3 release. Users will receive ESRI Data & Maps 2003 on both DVDROM and CDROM. The data is provided in shapefile and Smart Data Compression (SDC) formats and features new and detailed Mexico, U.S., Europe, and world data sets. More than half of the existing data sets were updated.

Extended Support
ESRI has developed a set of free, downloadable tools to support Tablet PC for ArcView 8.3, built to the design specifications of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. These tools allow ArcView 8.3 users to take advantage of the Tablet PCs innovative features such as pen-based computing, digital ink technology, and enhanced mobility functions. The ArcView 8.3 release also includes support for Visual Studio.NET, Microsofts next generation development environment.