Regional client relationship teams deployed.

Eagle Point announced that it has completed its deployment of newly formed Client Relationship teams. Designed to enable the company to respond more effectively to its clients’ needs, Eagle Point formed these teams by combining its former Sales and Engineering departments into one Client Relationship department and revamping a number of its business processes.

“The organizational transformation we’ve undergone over the last year, culminating in the deployment of our new client relationship teams, reflects our dedication to delivering long-term value to our clients,” explains John Biver, President and CEO. “Today, most land development organizations do not take full advantage of the technological capabilities they already possess. Many also face obstacles that are not directly related to technology. Our mission is to have our relationship building teams know our clients well enough to provide comprehensive solutions that help them achieve their organizational goals.”

Eagle Point believes that understanding each client’s business model, culture, and processes is key to helping that client achieve its goals. Client relationship teams are comprised of a variety of individuals possessing the specific knowledge necessary to investigate, analyze, recommend and then deploy solutions to help organizations achieve success in the land development industry.

Each Eagle Point Client Relationship team is comprised of individuals fulfilling the following roles:

Client Services
Representatives Client Services Representatives are the first point of contact once an organization has become an Eagle Point client. Client Services Representatives assist clients with all aspects of ensuring the maintenance of a strong and successful relationship once it is established. Responsibilities of the Client Services Representatives include, software authorizations, addressing any billing questions, fulfilling requests for further information, and other administrative requirements to ensure prompt service. If required, the Client Services Representative will call in the expertise of a Business Consultant and/or a Technical Consultant.

Business Consultants
Business Consultants coordinate the relationship building cycle with clients. An important part of this cycle includes the investigation and analysis of a client’s business model and culture. Business Consultants work with the other members of the team to help clients achieve their goals. Each client relationship team includes multiple Business Consultants (some stationed at Eagle Point’s corporate headquarters and others stationed in region) who leverage their skills, perspectives and expertise to deliver maximum value to clients.

Technical Consultants
Technical Consultants possess specific expertise in the technical aspects of succeeding with technology, including; networking strategies, effectively meeting deliverable requirements, standards development, software applications as well as process analysis. Each team also includes multiple Technical Consultants (some located at Eagle Point’s corporate headquarters and some located in region) who work together to develop and deliver effective solutions for clients.

Members of each Client Relationship team coordinate and leverage their knowledge and understanding of each client’s business model, culture and processes to deliver comprehensive analysis and then recommend solutions that will achieve the client’s goals.