ESRI and SAS have integrated SAS 9 software with ESRI's ArcGIS 9 software to provide more information for decision making.

The recent release of version 2 of SAS Bridge for ESRI enhances the joint capabilities of SAS and ESRI, allowing users to take full advantage of network and computing environments. The new version supports remote processing and features support for distributed SAS server environments, support for raster data and spatial geometry, enhanced performance and both VBA and .Net class properties and components.

The integration of SAS 9 and ArcGIS 9 enables linkage between the two software platforms at the foundation level, allowing seamless exchange of spatial and non-spatial information in a unified environment. This promotes comprehensive understanding of inherently spatial-based questions.

GIS combines layers of information about a location to provide a better understanding of that place. Which layers of information are combined depends on the purpose - finding the best location for a new facility, analyzing risk, managing assets, incident tracking and analysis, and so on. SAS and ESRI enable organizations to apply the best technology to solve real- world questions that inherently consider the impact of spatial relationships as part of the intelligence creation process.

Source: ESRI, Oct. 22, 2004