The Lietz name and trademarks were purchased from Sokkia Co., Ltd. in April, 2002 as part of the acquisition which created FieldWorks.

A legendary name is returning to the industry! Announced today, The Lietz Company will be reestablished in Tampa, Florida formally resurrecting one of the most respected names in the history of the surveying industry. The Lietz name and trademarks, absent from public view since 1991 when they were retired in favor of Sokkia, was purchased from Sokkia Co., Ltd. in April, 2002 by Kansas-based III, Inc. as part of the acquisition which created FieldWorks, America’s largest full-service, independent retailer of products, services and technology for the Engineering, Surveying, Mapping and Construction industries. III, Inc. plans for The Lietz Company to become a wholly independent Florida Corporation with its own distinct product offerings and identity. Robert J. Peterson, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of III, Inc., has been named President and General Manager of the new venture and will resign his position with III, Inc. effective February 17, 2003. ”It is with great pride and genuine sense of privilege that I find myself in the position to lead the storied Lietz name back to industry prominence”, states Peterson. “Unparalleled customer service, quality products and exceptional value were the hallmarks which made Lietz one of the great names of the industry. Although the days of manufacturing are forever behind us, the founding principles which began in 1882 will live on in The Lietz Company of the future. It is truly an honor to have this opportunity and I accept the challenge with a respectful eye on the heritage that has preceded me”. The Lietz Company will replace FieldWorks Florida on March 1, 2003. The Lietz Company will provide the most comprehensive inventory of products and services available in the southeastern United States. The familiar motto “It’s Easy To Do Business With Lietz” will once again become the company slogan.