UCLID has launched a campaign to upgrade IcoMap users to the ArcGIS extension. IcoMap customers with the AutoCAD and Windows versions will save on upgrades to the ArcGIS extension. UCLID's upgrade program will help 2 groups of IcoMap users - those who map in CAD before importing to ArcGIS and title companies who are bringing GIS to their title plant operations. More information is available at http://upgrade.uclid.com.

To help with the transition to GIS, UCLID is also offering discounts on ESRI ArcGIS software and GIS Consulting and Training. UCLID consulting projects include data conversion and geodatabase planning and setup. UCLID trainers are frequently praised by new GIS users for keeping the instruction at a level that is easy to understand.

UCLID has helped title insurance plants to integrate GIS and automated mapping into their workflow allowing them to enjoy an incredible return on their investment. As a result they are able to increase productivity to such a degree that they reduce their dependence on overseas outsourcing. Title insurance companies rely on technology to give them a competitive edge and GIS offers substantial productivity benefits.

Source: UCLID, Oct. 26, 2004