Customization for IntelliCAD 5 Users upFront.eZine Publishing updates e-book for IntelliCAD 5 with emphasis on customization and programming.

upFront.eZine Publishing, Ltd. announces Tailoring IntelliCAD 5, the only e-book for IntelliCAD customers using the new version 5. The 200-page e-book contains step-by-step tutorials for learning how to customize the popular computer-aided software.

Tailoring IntelliCAD 5 is written by Ralph Grabowski, and is available in PDF format through email or on CD. (The free Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the e-book.) In addition, the e-book is being bundled with the CADopia IntelliCAD 5 Professional and Bricscad 5 Pro software packages.

The e-book covers these tutorial subjects:

  • Customizing the IntelliCAD user interface.
  • Modifying toolbars and menus.
  • Creating keyboard shortcuts and command aliases.
  • Designing linetypes and hatch patterns.
  • Defining shapes and fonts.
  • Writing scripts and LISP programs.
  • Exclusive: undocumented support file formats.
  • Dozens of time-saver tips.
New subjects include:
  • Updated for IntelliCAD 5.
  • Expanded history of IntelliCAD.
  • Understanding the DXF format.

Source: upFront.eZine Publishing Ltd., Nov. 5, 2004