PowerCAD CE 5.2 delivers CAD functionality for mobile design professionals.

GiveMePower Corporation announced it is now shipping new version 5.2 releases of its critically acclaimed PowerCAD CE mobile/wireless computer-aided design (CAD) software. The new versions have been optimized for high performance on the latest generation of Microsoft Windows CE and Windows CE .NET equipped Pocket PC’s, Tablet PC’s and Pocket PC Cell Phones utilizing Intel’s new XScale Processor.

Three new PowerCAD CE 5.2 versions – PowerCAD CE Viewer, PowerCAD CE Classic™, and PowerCAD CE Professional, feature numerous breakthroughs in mobile CAD technology, enabling companies to save time, improve customer service and increase profits by being able to view, markup, and create precise AutoCAD compatible 2 and 3-dimensional designs and digital blueprints in the field or on the shop floor using the latest mobile/wireless handheld computing devices from leading vendors such as HP, Dell, T-Mobile and Rockwell Automation.

Instantly usable by operators of any skill level, PowerCAD CE is designed for engineers, architects, builders, designers, renovators, manufacturers, site inspectors, project managers, facilities managers, emergency response workers, surveyors, realtors, military personnel, GIS professionals and anyone else who needs to work with 2D or 3D CAD drawings and blueprints.

PowerCAD CE Release 5.2 highlights include:

  • new support for Intel XScale equipped Pocket PC’s, such as HP’s 3900 series iPAQ and Dell’s Axim X5
  • new support for Microsoft’s latest Windows CE 3.0 and Windows CE .NET mobility computing platforms
  • special editions for ruggedized, full-screen Tablets, such as Advantech’s MobiPanel and Rockwell’s VersaView
  • new simplified and customizable pen-based interface for instant usability, even by non-CAD familiar operators
  • new direct on-board conversion of industry-standard AutoCAD DWG and DXF files (R12 to R2002 formats)
  • new exporting of AutoCAD compatible DWF (Design Web Format) small-footprint vector file format
  • support for remote e-mail and wireless collaboration with AutoCAD, PowerCAD and other desktop CAD systems
  • enhanced 2D/3D viewing, redlining, sketching and hands-free VoiceNOTE audio note keeping technology
  • new speed improvements up to 50% with enhanced 2D and 3D design options and new multiple viewport control
  • new EnterPoint data entry system for efficient
  • recording of precise 2D/3D coordinates, directions and distances
  • new digital image embedding in Pro version, with support for unlimited BMP, PNG, JPG, and TIF file importing
  • updated Lisp and C++ application programming interfaces (API) in Pro version for creation of custom applications

Other PowerCAD CE users include a growing list of Fortune 500 companies such as Maytag Corporation and General Dynamics Corporation, as well as America’s top governmental institutions including the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and multiple branches of the U.S. Military, who are taking advantage of PowerCAD CE’s combination of power, size and exceptional compatibility with desktop leader AutoCAD, to mobilize their workforces.

In addition to its PowerCAD CE mobile/wireless CAD solutions, GiveMePower’s product offerings include PowerCAD Pro and PowerCAD LT+ for Windows desktop computing and PowerCAD Architect, a new user-friendly software system that automates 2 and 3-dimensional design for companies involved in residential building design and light commercial construction applications.

Starting at $99, PowerCAD CE products are available for purchase or free trial from http://www.givemepower.com, with special introductory savings up to $100 on the Pro version in effect until the end of January, 2003.