Offers finer grain, fast print speeds.

Eastman Kodak Company’s Aerial and Industrial Materials group has introduced three new black-and-white duplication films that produce duplicate positives with extremely fine grain—ideal for duplicating medium and fine grain aerial originals.

Kodak customers who have tried the new films, which are now available, have given them excellent reviews. For example, Col-East, Inc., specializes in high-quality maps and aerial photography of the northeastern United States, including photogrammetric maps of the New England shoreline. Bright sun on white sand makes this a particularly tough task. According to Kim Kolakowski, Photo Lab Manager at Col-East, Inc., however, the new Kodak Aerographic 4416 film is up to the challenge.

Quinn added that the new films are an excellent example of Kodak’s expertise in infoimaging, which enhances the ability of customers to turn images into information in order to meet specific needs.