FieldSmart Route shortens drive times and boosts operational efficiencies via point-to-point, street-level routing and route optimization for field personnel.

MapFrame Corporation introduced FieldSmart Route, a mobile point-to-point, street-level routing system with route optimization for utility crews operating in the field.

Route combines client GIS and mapping data with turn-by-turn directions to improve dispatch capabilities, reduce windshield time and enhance customer service with higher on-time response rates.

Route is the newest addition to MapFrame’s FieldSmart technology, a suite of mobile mapping applications and field automation processes currently in use with utilities nationwide. FieldSmart’s proprietary server solution compresses and converts facility and mapping data covering the company’s entire service territory for mobile access on handheld computers. The information is presented in a single viewing package and includes GIS facility data, simplifying the user interface with map-related details.

FieldSmart Route utilizes GIS data in conjunction with supplementary mapping data supplied by GDT to build directional information between two or more points – devices, addresses or work orders – in the client service territory. In addition, the application has the ability to interface with existing mobile dispatch solutions, enabling field personnel to outline an optimal route for the day based on the location of each service order.

FieldSmart Route:

  • Operates on any Windows platform, in a wired or wireless environment.
  • Maintains a neutral interface across multiple back-office systems.
  • Displays within MapFrame’s viewing package, FieldSmart View.
  • Provides on-demand directions between any two points in the service territory.
  • Integrates route with facility maps to pinpoint service locations and attribute data.
  • Builds an optimal route for multiple stops based on service order location.