GeoConcept adds to its data solutions packages with new socio-behavioral databases and maps that enable more detailed marketing studies across Europe.

GeoConcept SA, European leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), announced its partnership with B&B Market, provider of decision-making tools for the sales sector and data relating to consumer markets. The data made available to GeoConcept users means precise and detailed geomarketing studies can be carried out, even on a local level using socio-geographic zones. This data is of particular interest for medium- and large-scale distribution companies, as it deals primarily with the lifestyle and consumption levels of households in relation to their socio-demographic characteristics. B&B Market's solution covers the whole of France and completes the consumer behavior data package offered through GeoConcept's partnerships with INSEE, France's national statistical institute, (focus on socio-demographic data), and data content provider Consodata (focus on socio-economic data).

Precise cartographic information is required to achieve the true value of these databases in a geomarketing context, due to the many and varied deciding factors. "Essentials" is GeoConcept's cartographic solution to this requirement.

GeoConcept also announces significant upgrades to this solution. In France, "Essentials IRIS2000+" takes information used in creating maps from IGN (French National Institute of Geography) and INSEE, and links this information to extremely precise data (particularly in terms of road infrastructure) provided by digital map information and software provider Navtech. This is the first time such a solution has been made available, as this degree of routing precision did not exist previously on a national scale.

For Europe, GeoConcept SA is implementing "Essentials Europe", detailed socio-geographic cartography for European countries including Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom. "Essentials Europe" allows users to work on a continuous territory including several European countries at a highly competitive price.

"Geomarketing is a long-term priority for GeoConcept. GeoConcept is the intelligence that knows how to make geographic statistical data 'talk'," said Eric Lanzi, CEO of GeoConcept SA. "This is what we have achieved with our partnership with B&B Market and by strengthening our cartographic portfolio with Essentials. These new solutions are unquestionably important tools for marketing managers, who will be able to define their commercial targets and determine their operational strategies."

For pricing information on the new solution from B&B Market or Essentials, please contact Andrew Lloyd & Associates.