UCLID Software announced that it now provides GIS services including data conversion, geodatabase implementation and GIS training. UCLID's GIS services reduce the workload and ease the burden of implementation - helping its clients enjoy a smooth transformation with minimal disruption to the staff's workflow. To learn more about UCLID's GIS Consulting Services visit http://services.uclid.com.

Some organizations purchase GIS software but face too many obstacles when trying to launch a GIS. Whether they face office politics or they simply underestimated the time and effort involved, some GIS coordinators find their projects never get off the ground.

Most of UCLID's GIS consulting clients are looking to maximize the benefits of investing in GIS technology.

UCLID has also helped clients evaluate GIS software and decide on the system that best fits their workflow and their business goals.

UCLID Software LLC was founded in March 1998 in Madison, Wisconsin. UCLID develops and distributes the IcoMap product suite to GIS professionals, civil engineers, surveyors, and title insurance professionals. UCLID is an Authorized Business Partner and Authorized Developer for ESRI.

Source: UCLID, Oct. 7, 2004