iQvolution AG has recently introduced a more powerful, more versatile model to their line of 3D laser scanners - iQsun 880 HE80. The new model allows for clearer, more precise and accurate scanning up to 80 meters away. In addition, with the increase power of the sensor, outdoor scanning is greatly enhanced.

Speed, accuracy, high resolution, and modularity are the most important features of the new 3D Laser scanner - iQsun 880 HE80. The iQsun 880 HE80 (like its counterpart - iQsun 880 HE40) is a 360 degree horizontal (320 degree vertical) continuous wave 3D laser scanner, capturing over 29 million points of data in approximately 4.5 minutes at a rate of over 120,000 point per second with 3mm linearity error. A very accurate inclination sensor has been added which simplifies the camera's orientation in space. At least 33% fewer targets need to be surveyed and used in registration. This reduces cost and time by more than one third. In keeping with iQvolution's modular concept, the iQsun 880 HE80 sensor can be field upgradeable to the existing iQsun 880 models. In addition, the color camera option is also available on all iQsun 880 models. A high resolution digital SLR camera is attached to the scanner. During a scan, the camera is controlled by the scanner and takes pictures. Subsequently the color pictures are automatically mapped to the scan and colorize the point cloud, thus displaying true "reality" conditions. iQvolution offers a lifetime upgrade path due to it's modular design. New modules with different features will be offered such as a distance sensor and sub-millimeter short range sensor (both due out next year).

Source: iQvolution, Dec. 10, 2004