For high-frequency grayscale stereo displays, Parhelia brings optimal quality, performance and flexibility to intelligence/reconnaissance/surveillance workstations.

Matrox Graphics Inc., a manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, announced the new Parhelia Precision SGT graphics card, uniquely designed to drive high-frequency grayscale stereo displays with quality, broad compatibility, and improved grayscale stereo performance.

Delivering future-proof technology to users of grayscale stereo displays from display technology companies such as Siemens Display Technologies, Image Systems, and Clinton Electronics Corporation, this one-of-a-kind graphics card features two channels: one with a high-quality BNC connector for unequaled grayscale monitor support, and another with both a DVI and hardware stereo connector for standard color display support. These two channels bring flexibility to intelligence/reconnaissance/surveillance workstations by enabling users to view sensitive imagery on both grayscale and color monitors, displaying images with higher contrast and detail.

A single-slot PCI solution, the Parhelia Precision SGT is highly scalable as it can be used alongside other specialized AGP or PCI Matrox graphics cards, such as the Parhelia HR256 for enhanced visualization on 9 mega pixel panels, in the same system for enhanced workstation setups. This unique card features 256 MB of on-board DDR unified memory; a PCI interface with support for 33 MHz and 66 MHz buses; high meantime before failure; FanAlert, for added system security, which advises the system administrator if the fan malfunctions; power consumption that is compatible with a standard PCI bus; and currently offers full support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Source: Matrox, Feb. 3, 2004