Leica System 1200 is the first to integrate GPS and total station technologies into a single surveying system.

Leica Geosystems has launched the world's first survey system that seamlessly integrates GPS and total station technologies with standardized operating and data concepts.

Developed from the ground up, the new Leica System 1200 makes it possible for surveyors to use both terrestrial and satellite sensors with consistent operation and data management. By blending the two technologies together, the System 1200 guarantees seamless data transfer between GPS and total station instruments, with uniform software, identical controls and a common database, in addition to shared hardware components.

The System 1200 consists of three newly developed and fully coordinated components: the GPS1200 family of satellite surveying receivers, the TPS1200 family of total stations and the common System 1200 database and software, including the new Leica Geo Office package. Leica's exclusive X-Function technology provides a common, highly intuitive graphical user interface for both GPS1200 and TPS1200 instruments, with identical operating concept, displays, keyboard layouts, functions, routines and application programs. Data is exchanged between instruments using handy Compact Flash cards.

With the new SmartTrack GPS measurement engine, fast self-checking RTK algorithms and a comprehensive self-explanatory graphical user interface, the new GPS1200 receivers provide the flexibility, power and performance needed for GPS applications. The rugged GPS instruments, with magnesium alloy construction, are built to the toughest MIL specifications to withstand extreme field conditions. The SmartTrack technology acquires all visible satellites within seconds, tracks to low elevations and measures under trees and in areas of interference where other receivers often fail. Leica's SmartCheck technology processes satellite measurements for centimeter-accuracy 20 Hz RTK at distances of 30 km or more.

Packed with exciting new features, built for speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability, the TPS1200 family of total stations carries out the most complex tasks better and more efficiently than ever before. The TPS incorporates newly developed techniques for angle and distance measurement, reflectorless EDM, automatic target recognition and tracking and automatic reflector search and acquisition. Also new is the RX1220 remote control unit for one-man operation.

The GPS1200 and TPS1200 products share common software and man-machine interface. The large map-view display immediately shows the user graphically in the field exactly what has been surveyed and staked out, and what remains to be done. The Leica Geo Office software package provides everything needed for managing, visualizing, processing, importing and exporting GPS, TPS and digital level data. It includes the new RoadRunner software suite for staking out roads and checking all types of alignments, from simple centerlines to the most complex designs.

The GPS1200 and TPS1200 use the same batteries, chargers and accessories, helping to keep equipment costs down. They also use the same Compact Flash cards, formats and data management.

Source: Leica Geosystems, March 12, 2004