The Digital Mapping Camera eliminates film processing and negative scanning to cut costs and delivery tim.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced that the Danish reseller Brock & Michelsen A/S has sold Z/I Imaging's Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) to Lantmateriet (Gavle, Sweden). Lantmateriet is one of the Nordic region's photogrammetric firms and provides Swedish geographical databases and maps, cadastral and real property information, as well as the development and exploitation of geographic information techniques. The DMC will enable Lantmateriet to implement a completely digital workflow from collection through processing of geospatial imagery.

Lantmateriet selected the DMC after extensive evaluation of available technologies, including the performance of test flights to capture local imagery of Norway and Sweden. The camera met the firm's needs to capture full-scale aerial imagery that offers a wide field of view, similar to the traditional negative format of 23 x 23 cm, and to collect high-resolution imagery with extreme precision and clarity.

With the new DMC, Lantmateriet will eliminate two time-consuming procedures associated with traditional aerial photography--the film processing and negative scanning--for full conversion to a digital workflow. This will enable their photo production to become more efficient, thus shortening the delivery time of geographical data to customers.

Z/I Imaging's DMC offers a rigid frame and fixed pixel geometry, which result in very high-quality geometric resolution. The images have greater clarity and accuracy, and there are no scan lines that have to be pieced together during pre-production processing on the ground. Another design feature of the DMC is its ability to collect arial frame photography in panchromatic color and color infrared bands simultaneously. This allows three separate end products - black and white, natural color and false-color infrared--to be generated from a single airborne data set.

Source: Intergraph, May 24, 2004