Upgrades make popular GIS mapping software more logical and intuitive.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) today released SOLO Field 3.3. This latest version of TDS' GIS mapping software allows users to add GPS metadata to the GIS database, classify basemap data based on attributes including an on-screen legend, and output MapInfo MIF data without the separate SOLO Office(TM) program.

New features of SOLO Field 3.3 include:

  • Thematic display for logged data, based upon attribute; users can classify their logged data based on an attribute with a color and size coded display.
  • Labeling of logged data with attribute values; users can select an attribute to use as a label for their logged data.
  • The ability to create user-defined symbols for logged data.
  • Save Log files for demonstration/training as well as diagnostics purposes; users can create a GPS log file that can then be replayed for training, demonstration or diagnostics.
  • Map Layers dialog box includes logged data, redlining, map grids, basemaps and images; this groups all map data controls more logically under a single menu.
  • Enhanced support for Trimble Pathfinder series GPS receivers.

    Source: TDS, March 24, 2004