DMTI Spatial, a Canadian provider of geospatial products and services, announced the latest evolution of its CanMap product suite with the release of CanMap v8.0, CanMap Parks & Recreation v2.0, and the Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) v3.1, as well as updates to other products in the CanMap product line.

With an excess of 1.5 million total road kilometers, CanMap Streetfiles v8.0 arms users with precision based, comprehensive, and detailed street map data catered to location based analyses and display. With the addition of new road segments, improved classifications, and colour enhancements, CanMap v8.0 provides map data users the ability to perform more detailed analyses and improve the overall map creation process as well as the ability to output more vivid maps for greater map visualization.

CanMap Parks & Recreation v2.0 is now enhanced with the addition of over 20,000 parks and recreational features representing amusement parks, campgrounds, cemeteries, historic sties and various other point-based attributes. These additions in point-based attribution, significantly increases the consumer's navigational experience.

The Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) v3.1 has over 17,000 new national points of interest including additional points detailing accommodation, Border Crossings, tourism points of interest and a new "Cinema" layer consisting of 400 points.

The full suite of updated DMTI Spatial products being released at this time include:

  • CanMap RouteLogistics v8.0
  • CanMap Major Roads and Highways v8.0
  • CanMap Rail v2.0
  • CanMap Postal Geography v8.0
  • CanMap Water v2.0
  • CanMap Municipal Amalgamation File v2.0
  • CanMap Populated Placenames v2.0
  • GeoPinpoint Suite v5.1

    Source: DMTI, Feb. 18, 2004