Greater network adjustment capacity, additional input file support, and user interface enhancements have been included.

Best-Fit Computing, Inc. has released COLUMBUS Network Adjustment Software Version 3.5, which features significant improvement of supported network size during adjustment (fully tested on simulated networks with up to 45,000 stations). In addition, expanded support for input files makes them easier to handle, including faster loading of large networks; user-editable network and file options settings; and support for individual observation record types (seven total). The user can now include all files from within one master file, with the ability to disable large parts of the input file.

Geoid03 grid files in the National Geodetic Survey big-endian format are now directly supported. The user interface has been enhanced by the addition of dozens of on-screen list views for COGO and Coordinate Transformation results. And third-party file conversion tools are available to easily transfer your data into COLUMBUS.

Source: Best-Fit Computing, Feb. 25, 2004